A Selfie & A Star – Tips to Greatness

By Nirmala Mary Rego

Published by Better Yourself Books and Media Pvt. Ltd.; 268 pgs; MRP: ₹ 350;

ISBN 978-81-7108-928-4

Available at the Pauline Book Centres in Mumbai and their online store.

“Two shining stars were having a conversation in the dark sky, discussing the need for more starlight. Together they decided to rock the universe by teaming up, and they encouraged more stars to light up the sky. When they did, the sky burst into starlight, twinkling and sparkling like a huge fireworks display. Mother Earth began shining as stardust was sprinkled on her like confetti. It was a super sight to behold! And thus….a new star was born!” (p 11) Gratuitously, also born was a new kind of book for the new millennial looking to become a brand new star - A Selfie & A Star!

In a social media-centric world ruled by the ‘selfie’ culture that cuts across boundaries in terms of age and ambition, driven by the urge to rise like stars amidst increasing real life challenges, the contents of this book strike a balance between modern-day life, real value addition and top-class living. Indeed, with life increasingly becoming a never-ending rat race, the witty, character-driven wisdom of the protagonist of the book - Good Nana - transforms challenges into achievements via big picture thinking strategies and solutions.

Delightfully, Good Nana, in her inimitable way, will walk you through this book, sharing rare secrets to re-creating you as a brand new, starry YOU! Hearty stories of courage and integrity emanate from her mouth, instilling a sense of commitment in the reader, inspiring lateral thinking which in turn helps build leaders with a difference—leaders who dream dreams of abundance in terms of achievement. Breaking new ground and moving quickly from Selfie mode towards Go Point, dreams can ensure the success of one’s bid to become a Star that mingles with newer stars that continue to be created one by one, brightening the universe with the brilliance of the stardust that dreams sprinkle on Mother Earth!

The options for extracting the maximum benefit from this book are numerous – allow yourself to be fascinated by its contents by looking at the same through a huge picture frame or viewing the scene from your window and reflecting as you gaze at the stars in the sky! Or read each chapter slowly, like a movie on the screen, with straight screen shots and wonder in your eyes! And you will begin to understand and apply Good Nana’s secrets to your life. Of course, you can laugh, smile and rock! Indeed, the author, Nirmala Mary Rego, is so confident of the amount of good that can be extracted from between its pages that she has Good Nana exult thus: “A big shout out to star millennials! I’m celebrating you with chocolate cake and chips on the house. Love is the icing on top. Shine on! You will attract the magic of starlight!” (p. 11)

Passionately peppered with dollops of sugar-n-spice, each chapter has the potential to have you all heated up with brainy wisdom, every step of the way reminding you that when the going gets tough, the tough get going, precisely by munching on buttery popcorn offered by Good Nana by the tubful! O, for the sprinkles of candy appearing as fun quotes, wise secrets, winning tips and wacky tales that go to make this book a bumper Star Hamper!

In a world of corruption and crime that is still struggling to surmount the chaos left behind by the all-threatening coronavirus, Good Nana sure knows how to convince the reader by asserting: “YOU are amazing!” For that is where, attracted by the magic of starlight, you begin to make little changes in your daily life that steadily go to make your ‘Selfie’ grow into a ‘Big Picture’ of living delight! The Creator’s most precious gift to us is LIFE - life filled with limited time and energy. And so, given that the sky is awfully dark with a lone selfie star, A Selfie & A Star invites the reader to get on the mega plane for millennials, travel in Big Picture mode to your ‘Go Point’ in life and soar high into the skies, looking out of the window onto clouds with a silver lining, even as you witness the stars carry your fears away, transiting through darkness!

Ready to explore a world of class, wisdom, greatness and happiness? Let A Selfie & A Star accompany your pursuit, and you will thank not merely your stars, but also the author of this book, Nirmala, and its publishers, ST PAULS!

Ladislaus Louis D’Souza