Guidelines for Inter-Faith Dialogue

By the Henry Martyn Institute [HMI], Hyderabad, and Islamic Studies Association [ISA], Delhi. 

Published by Gujarat Sahitya Prakash, Anand [2023] pp. 24; No price given. Copies may be ordered from the publisher, or from Fr Victor Edwin SJ (ISA) []

"Dialogue is the new way of being Church," Pope Paul VI used to say, and he went on to elaborate four ways in which every Catholic should practise dialogue – through life, work, study and prayer. Still, for most Catholics, dialogue is a strange word. With regard to the "other" –  Christians of "other churches," Catholics tend to be patronising; with regard to those of "other faiths", the Catholic attitude is polemic. 

All this must change, and Guidelines… can help in initiating and supporting such change. The booklet is designed to help teachers and pastors, and all those who organise and conduct ecumenical and inter-faith seminars and workshops for various groups. It consists of collections of practical tips on organising such meetings, some caveats regarding expectations and outcomes, and clarifications about collaborative action, debate and dialogue, and the personal experiences of its many contributors.

In brief, a simple, easy-to-use handbook for inter-faith dialogue. Every parish, school, college and study circle should have not just one copy, but many. And use them!