Inspired to Inspire 

God's Word for God's World

M. Mani Chacko

2023 ed. 248 pp. Rs 350 ISBN: 9789391399757 Rights: World

Audience: Priests, religious and laity

The Bible, the Word of God, has influenced human civilisation in different areas – politics, science, education, medical care, technology, women empowerment, caring for the poor, fighting for human rights and so on. So the book that we carry in our hands, whether it is in the print form or digital, is not a book to be thrown away and treated lightly, but a book we need to thank God for, as it is a book which tells where we came from, where we are now, and where we are going. It is a book which is Inspired to Inspire, not only ourselves, but the entire Creation of God. It is God's Word for God's World.

One of the common definitions of the Bible is that it is the inspired Word of God. How do we understand this statement? Or rather, how should we understand this statement? This is the question that the author likes to deal with, in the different Biblical reflections he has attempted in this work. The reader will find a satisfying answer to the question as he/she reads through the different articles. The purpose of the book is not to engage in an academic discussion on Inspiration, but rather to invite the reader to understand the theme of Inspiration in a way that the Inspired Word becomes a tool to inspire us in our journey of life.