Walking with The Bible 

Life in the Light of the Word of God

Bishop A. Peter Abir

2023 ed. 240 pp. Rs 250 ISBN: 9789391399740 Rights: World

Audience: Bishops, Priests, Religious and Laity

Jesus is the Word made flesh (Jn 1:14), and He is present in the whole Bible. Walking with the Bible in one's life is to follow in His footsteps. The Bible gives us the courage and strength to face the challenges of life posed by evil forces. In fact, the whole Bible is a message of hope inspiring us to journey in a world ridden with contradictions and conflicts.

The anthology of articles gathered in the present volume combines the experience of a Pastor with the competence of a Doctor in Biblical studies. They focus on the power of the Word of God as the foundation of life and source of hope. It calls for actualisation in the various life settings of youth, priests and religious. This book has five sections. The first section proposes the way to walk with Biblical personalities, like Mary, Joseph and Jonah, drawing inspirations from them for our life, while the second section sheds light on how to walk with hope inspired by the Lamb-motif of the book of Revelation. The two recently developed approaches of Biblical interpretation –Contextual and Sociological – are used in the third section. Proclaiming the Word of God in today's context is dealt with in the fourth section. Here the missionary proclamation of the Word of God is seen in the context of the anti-Christian and even anti-Christ world. The final section of the book brings forth the significance of Walking with the Bible for the young, civil society, priestly and consecrated life. This would help the reader to situate the Bible in our everyday life-experiences.