Letting Go

By Dr Angelica D’Souza

Making plans and executing them has been one of man's biggest strengths. In fact, there is a lot of material and help available that teaches us to plan our future more and more diligently. Unfortunately, things don't always go through as planned, and nobody is teaching us how to prepare for such unplanned disasters and unfavourable turn of events. Through the book, Letting Go, Dr Angelica D’Souza strives to teach the reader the art of letting go of our need to control the future and the outcome of our plans, the difference between the outcomes we can control and those we cannot, and embracing a culture of positive thinking, thus getting rid of unwarranted fear and anxiety, and reclaiming our peace and freedom! The book reinstates our faith in the Creator, who is indeed in full control, and through whom we can reclaim the freedom that He so desires us to experience daily!

Having reclaimed our freedom through the simple steps explained in this book, one will experience the joy of life-changing success and happiness, being able to breathe and think more freely than before, and leave the prison of our fears behind!

The book is a deep look at how people can learn to let things go, and move on from what holds them back. At some point or the other, life entangles us with small or big issues that throttle, paralyse and slow down our pace of joyful living. And here is Dr Angelica, with a right dose for the head and heart, welling from the springs of her spiritual and professional life! In this fast-paced life, weighed down by stress and personal baggage, Letting Go comes as a 'life-saver'. The simple do's and don'ts, illustrations and apt images make the message a "ready to use" potion.

The book is easy to read because of its simple language, and especially because it draws from human experience. It leads us to understand the fine balance between letting go and remaining responsible for what we must. What makes Letting Go exceptionally precious is that it is bound to make us realise how much of beauty there is in being human… where things are not in our control!

Dr Angelica who plays multiple roles – wife, mother, doctor, home-maker, preacher, worship leader, counsellor, and now author, has all these aspects covered in her writing.

The secret to our freedom lies within us. Explore the book to experience it!

The book is priced at Rs 125/-. To buy a copy, WhatsApp 97731 10487, or visit any Pauline bookstore near you.