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Want to contribute to the written page? 

We welcome articles, news items, letters to the editor, reviews, etc from our readers. Write-ups should generally be of interest to a ‘Catholic’ audience and/or features of general interest. For an article, the word limit is between 800 to 1000 words. To be submitted always in a standard Word file attachment by email. Pictures/photographs to be submitted as separate attachments. Please also include the author’s full name, place, contact number and author byline in 2-3 sentences. Photographs submitted should be a high-resolution pic in jpeg/jpg format.    

Letters to the Editor: 

 Feel strongly about an issue and want to let people know what you think? We invite you to contribute to the 'Letters to the Editor' section in The Examiner. The 'Letters to the Editor' are among the most widely read features in the magazine, and an effective way to reach a wider audience. It can influence public opinion, start a conversation, and even educate the public on a certain matter. The letter could be a comment/opinion on any current issue at the local, regional or national level. It could be in response to a church news or secular affairs. The letter could also be a remark/reflection on the editorial, an article or any news item published in a previous edition of The Examiner. It could also be to correct a perceived error or misrepresentation. Finally, the letter could be responding to another writer's letter to the Editor. 


A few tips (Letters to the Editor) 

1.       Be concise and to the point. Don't forget to mention the context and significance of the subject in brief for readers who are unaware of the issue. 

2.       Make your key point right in the beginning.

3.       Give evidence for your praise or criticism. Be respectful. 

4.       Refrain from borrowing long sections of quotes or already published material. 

5.       Don't just criticise a certain action or policy, but offer positive suggestions on what can be done to improve the situation. 

6.       Be sure to insert your full name and address at the end of the letter. 

7.       Letters are ideally between 200 to 350 words. 

Editorial Policy: The editors reserve the right to edit/make changes to the original article. Submission does not guarantee publication. Articles are selected for publication by collective editorial decision, keeping in mind the theme of the issue, merit and space constraints.


Email your contributions to editor@examiner.in