Walking Together: The Way of Synodality

Pope Francis

2023 ed. 192 pp. Rs 250 ISBN: 9789391399832, Rights: Orbis 140x210x10 mm Paperbound

ATC Publishers; www.joyofgifting.com|www.atcpublishers.com

This book is a kind of compendium of Pope Francis' reflections on Synodality. It contains all his main texts and statements on Synodality since the beginning of his pontificate. It includes letters or speeches addressed to all specifically, to local churches or particular groups (bishops, theologians, etc.) as well as excerpts from documents of the Magisterium (encyclicals).

It contains speeches delivered during the various Synods of bishops (Synod on the Family in 2014 and 2015, Synod on Youth in 2018, Synod on the Amazon in 2019, current Synod on Synodality) with excerpts of post-Synodal exhortations (Christus Vivit, Querida Amazonia), homilies or words delivered during various meetings, general or private audiences, and interviews.

The choice to organise these texts in chronological order rather than by theme allows us to grasp how the harmonies of synodality unfold over time and circumstances through the events—particularly the Synods of Bishops—and the many meetings, audiences and trips that dot the life of the Supreme Pontiff.

This will be a useful handbook to those faithful who wish to better understand the rich thought of Pope Francis when he speaks of the Synodal Church. It will also help those interested in exploring the multiple theological implications of Synodality, who will find Pope Francis' main interventions at hand.